The Woodshed | Master Your Business with Jazz

Jazz for Business

When people think of jazz, they often think of sexy saxophones, screaming trumpets, swinging drum grooves, and thumping bass lines. Some even think of it as music to put you to sleep. But the truth is that jazz is much more than just a style of music. Jazz - America's first original art form - is the ultimate business discipline.

Jazz is the practice of lifelong personal development, solving problems with creativity & innovation, collaborative creativity, and delivering amazing performances (products, services, and experiences) in real time in front of real people while ensuring customer delight at every beat.

Jazz is the ultimate business discipline.

Embracing jazz as more than a musical genre - but a practical way of executing business - will do much more than make you cooler than the next cat. More importantly, it can give you the unique tools and competitive advantage you need to grow faster than you ever imagined and unlock your best performances every day.

The Business Jazz Artist


So, the next time you think about jazz artists, don't just think about John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

Think about Michael Jordan and LeBron James.
Think about Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Drew Wilson.
Think about Barack Obama, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin.
Think about Denzel Washington and Steve Carrell.

These notable professionals - and many others - have consistently overcome challenges and obstacles to rise above the fray and always deliver. They focus on growth and reinvention: becoming better at every turn. Their performances aren’t always exactly what they expected. Yet, they still manage to leave the audience wanting more, and we look back at them and say, "Wow, how do they do that?"

Fortunately, breathtaking performances aren't limited to the rich, famous, or artistically gifted. Anyone can learn how to infuse jazz into their lives to be & do better every day and achieve show-stopping results.

So how do we do it?

When jazz musicians want to get better, we go to the ‘shed… also known as the “woodshed.” The woodshed is where musicians were sent to practice so that family members wouldn't have to suffer through the honks, squeaks, bangs, and crashes produced as musicians they honed their craft.

In early days it was often a literal woodshed or outhouse. Modern variants have evolved to include basements, garages, closets, attics, secluded forests, and more. Generations of musicians have spent countless hours in the shed refining their skills in order to dazzle audiences on stages across the world.

Take the First Step

I want to invite you to the woodshed... Not for music, but for your craft and your business. I want to partner with you to help you incorporate principles from jazz. We’ll cover everything from how to listen like a jazz student to how to improvise like a jazz master to help you unleash your innovation, creativity, and peak performance.

It won't always be pretty, and there will be some challenging lessons. Nonetheless, I promise you that if you hang with me in the woodshed and actively apply what you learn, you will experience measurable and substantial growth. Positive gains in how you perform and deliver for your customers, how you perform with your teams, and even how you perform in everyday life with your friends and family.

This is business taught by jazz, and I'm going to help you become a jazz master in your business.

Let's go ‘shed.

About Jeff

Jeff Ponders II is a modern-day Batman. By day, he travels as a keynote speaker and consultant, infusing innovation, strategy and creative energy into growth-focused brands and startups. By night, he performs across the United States as a jazz saxophonist. Jeff is on a mission to help ambitious professionals and teams master their business with jazz.